iYAMATO's Mod for 1.11.2

I made my own Mod "iYAMATO's Mod for 1.11.2". I will be happy if I can help you on your journey. I am checking the operation in multiplayer, but it is only a test in the local host. There is a possibility that trouble may occur. Please note. Please take a backup and play
自作Mod「iYAMATO’s  Mod for 1.11.2」できました。あなたの旅のお供になれば幸いです。一応マルチでの動作確認をしていますが、ローカルホスト内でのテストのため不具合が生じる可能性があります。ご了承ください。導入の際はバックアップを取った上でどうぞ。

●Download ※CurseForgeに登録しました

●Change Log

  • Fixed a problem that crashes when used for obtaining light crossbow, heavy crossbow, repeater bow, crank repeater bow by command. 
  • Fixed some sound effects were not played properly. 
  • Allow to set the generation of vanadium ore by config. Please delete old config file.
  • Added new weapon "off hand sword".
  • クロスボウ系の武器をコマンドや他のmodで入手した際にクラッシュする不具合の修正をしました。
  • 一部サウンドファイルが再生されない不具合を修正しました。
  • バナジウム鉱石の生成をコンフィグで設定できるようにしました。古いコンフィファイルは削除してください
  • 新武器「オフハンドソード」追加。メインハンドではなくオフハンドに持つことで真価を発揮します。

  • Mob came to pick up weapons.
  • Modified disarm method.
  • Fixed rendering error when disarm succeeded.
  • disarm may not be applicable to other mod mob or there is a possibility of trouble.
  • mobが武器を拾うようになった
  • ディザームのメソッド修正
  • ディザーム成功時のレンダリングエラーを修正
  • ディザームは他のmodでは通用しないあるいはエラーが発生する可能性があります


  • Corresponds to Biomes O Plenty

  • Item added. Musket, Blunderbuss, Bullet, Shot Shell, Contract Documents.
  • Added an ally Soldier.
  • Corrected config file. Please delete the old configuration file.
  • Correct method of crossbow.
  • マスケット銃、ラッパ銃、銃弾、ショットシェル、契約書追加。
  • 味方mob「戦士」追加。
  • コンフィグファイル修正。古いコンフィグファイルは削除してください。
  • クロスボウのメソッド修正。

  • Spawn rate adjustment of mob.
  • Fix the config file. Delete the old config file.
  • Fixed some weapons were not properly set for mob.
  • Fix lang file.
  • mobのスポーンレート調整。コンフィグでスポーンレートを調整できるように
  • コンフィグファイル修正。ルートテーブルにも反映されるように。古いコンフィグファイルは削除してください。
  • mobの武器が適切に設定されていなかったものの修正。
  • langファイル修正。
  • Mob can be set in the config file. Please delete old config file.
  • As clubs are added to the bonus chest with a high probability.
  • Dagger, Main Gauche Hurt Resistant Time shortened.
  • Added short sword.
  • Added a disarm to Jitte.
  • The attack speed of gold weapons is equal to others.
  • Various weapon power adjustment.
  • Recipe modification.
  • mob追加をコンフィグで調整できるように。要コンフィグファイル再生成
  • ボーナスチェストにクラブが高い確率で追加されるように。
  • ダガー、マンゴーシュの連続攻撃間隔を短く。
  • ショートソードの追加。
  • 十手にディザーム実装。
  • 金のアタックスピードを他のと同等に。
  • 各種武器威力調整。
#Bug fix
Fixed a bug that the multiplayer environment and the projectile entity hit, disconnected from the server when holding some items.

#Bug fix
Light crossbow, heavy crossbow, after a reload, ready state is canceled when you release the right-click before you put the aim.

#lang file correction
en_US, ja_JP


Eclipse Mars 4.5
Minecraft 1.11.2 / forge-1.11.2-

Development · Operation confirmation. Other versions of forge do not check the operation.

The introduction method just puts it in the mods folder generated after forge introduction. In addition, it corresponded provisionally to the multiplayer. Please copy "as is" to the client and server mod folder respectively.

既知の不具合(Known Bugs):

・キラーリザードの生肉、焼肉(Killer Lizard Chop)

When you kill a killer lizard, it drops meat. Let's have it delicious with grilled crisps. By the way, it seems that the crocodile meat is a chicken taste.

・オークの生肉、焼肉(Ork Chop)

When you kill an oak, it drops meat.  Because you are eating zombies' rotten meat, you can eat oak? Eating makes you feel hungry and nauseated.
オークを倒すとたまにドロップします。ゾンビの腐った肉食ってんだからオークぐらい食えるやろ(´・ω・`)? 生肉で食べると吐気と空腹、焼いても吐気が残ります。

・契約書(Contract Documents)
Can be crafted with emeralds and paper. You can summon a friend mob "Soldier" by throwing. Please use it for the defense of the village.

・バナジウム鉱石(Vanadium Ore)
It is generated below Y15 which is newly generated.

・バナジウムのインゴット(Vanadium Ingot

Purify vanadium ore and get an ingot. It becomes an intermediate material for making Damascus steel.

・バナジウムブロックVanadium Block

When you want to stack it you can craft it to a block. Also for building materials.

・ダマスカス鋼のインゴットDamascus Steel Ingot

You can craft with iron block and vanadium ingot and Blaze powder. Weapons that can be made with this material will collapse in balance in vanilla. Please use when using with other mod.

・ダマスカス鋼ブロックDamascus Steel Block

When you want to stack it you can craft it to a block. Also for building materials.

・ダマスカス鋼のツールDamascus Steel Tools

It is more functional and durable than the diamond tool.

You can craft with sand and iron blocks. It is an intermediate material.

・玉鋼ブロック(TamaHagane Block)
When you want to stack it you can craft it to a block. Also for building materials.

・玉鋼ツール(TamaHagane Tools)

Although it is more functional than the diamond tool, the durability value is a little low.

・玉鋼防具(TamaHagane Armor)

It has better defense power than vanilla's diamond equipment. Subtle color differences are charming. lol

・ダマスカス鋼防具(Damascus Steel Armor)

Defense force that not even things the enemy of vanilla. This color is ... omit. lol

・ヘビーダマスカス鋼防具(Heavy Damascus Steel Armor)

Strong defense force and knock back resistance. However, the moving speed decreases.


Attack Damage+9。Made with TamaHagane  and sticks. Continuous attacks that do not miss opportunities are possible due to increased attack speed and reduced knockback.


Attack Damage+7.5。Made with TamaHagane  and sticks. Although knockback is small, it gives brief slowness to the person you hit.

※ The 1.7.10 version has weapons drop is implemented, but it does not implement in the 1.11.2 version.

・鉄のダガー(Iron Dagger)

Attack Damage+2。Made with iron ingot  and sticks. It can be crafted without a workbench and should be useful in case of emergency. With increased attack speed and low knockback, it will be easy for opponents of the early stage skeleton. Moving speed will rise a little if you hold it in hand. Right click and durable value 2 consumed and throwable. And items of hits in the hit or the ground to the mob. Throwing is higher in power.

・金のダガー(Golden Dagger)

Attack Damage+1.5。Made with gold ingot  and sticks.

・ダイヤのダガー(Diamond Dagger)

Attack Damage+4。Made with diamond  and sticks.

・ダマスカス鋼のダガー(Damascus Steel Dagger

Attack Damage+10。Made with damascus steel ingot  and sticks.

・鉄のマンゴーシュ(Iron MainGauche)

Attack Damage+3.5。Made with iron ingot  and sticks. Originally a dagger for the left hand specialized for defense. Although it can guard, the durability value decreases according to damage.

・金のマンゴーシュ(Golden MainGauche)

Attack Damage+3。Made with gold ingot  and sticks.

・ダイヤのマンゴーシュ(Diamond MainGauche)

Attack Damage+5.5。Made with diamond  and sticks.

・ダマスカス鋼のマンゴーシュDamascus Steel MainGauche

Attack Damage+9。Made with damascus steel ingot  and sticks.

・鉄のオフハンドソード(Iron Off Hand Sword)
Attack Damage+4.5. A normal weak sword with your right hand. Having a left hand makes it a sword capable of fast attack. Due to the specification of Minecraft, using the item on the right swings the sword. Therefore, if you have a shield you attack as well as defending.

Only enchantments SHARPNESS, SMITE, BANE_OF_ARTHROPODS apply. As usual with the main hand enchantment as usual is applied.

Continuous attack with click hold can not be done because wait time occurs. Continuous attacks are made by clicking repeatedly. Knock back is small.

Also, the degree of satiety is easy to reduce. No critical hits or sweep attacks occur.

As a usage method, let's make it a critical hit in the main hand, Attacking with an offhand sword immediately will cause further damage.
メインハンドで持つと弱い剣ですが、 オフハンドで持つことで高速攻撃が可能になります。 Minecraftの仕様のため、盾を持っている場合、防御と同時に攻撃します。※弓矢も同様


待機時間が発生するため、クリックホールドによる連続攻撃はできません。 繰り返しクリックすることで連続攻撃が可能ですが、ノックバックは小さいです。

また、満腹度が低下しやすいです。 クリティカルやスイープアタックは発生しません。


・金のオフハンドソード(Golden Off Hand Sword)
Attack Damage+4.5. A normal weak sword with your right hand. Having a left hand makes it a sword capable of fast attack.
メインハンドで持つと弱い剣ですが、 オフハンドで持つことで高速攻撃が可能になります。

・ダイヤのオフハンドソード(Diamond Off Hand Sword)
Attack Damage+4.5. A normal weak sword with your right hand. Having a left hand makes it a sword capable of fast attack.
メインハンドで持つと弱い剣ですが、 オフハンドで持つことで高速攻撃が可能になります。

・ダマスカス鋼のオフハンドソード(Damascus Steel Off Hand Sword)
Attack Damage+11. A normal weak sword with your right hand. Having a left hand makes it a sword capable of fast attack.
メインハンドで持つと弱い剣ですが、 オフハンドで持つことで高速攻撃が可能になります。

・鉄のショートソード(Iron Short Sword)

Attack Damage+3. You can craft with iron ingot and stick. You can forcibly disarm the weaponed mob with low probability by right click. You can not guard. The recipe is different from 1.7.10 version

・金のショートソード(Golden Short Sword)

Attack Damage+2. You can craft with gold ingot and stick. You can forcibly disarm the weaponed mob with low probability by right click. You can not guard.

・ダイヤのショートソード(Diamond Short Sword)

Attack Damage+4. You can craft with diamond and stick. You can forcibly disarm the weaponed mob with low probability by right click. You can not guard.

ダマスカス鋼のショートソード(Damascus Steel Short Sword)

Attack Damage+10. You can craft with damascus steel ingot and stick.

・鉄のレイピア(Iron Rapier)

Attack Damage+5。Made with iron ingot  and sticks. Although there is almost no knockback, by making the invincible time shorter instead, continuous attack became possible. The attack speed itself is set to be slow. It is from the idea that "it is funny to do SweepAttack at rapier."

・金のレイピア(Golden Rapier)

Attack Damage+4.5。Made with gold ingot  and sticks.

・ダイヤのレイピア(Diamond Rapier)

Attack Damage+6。Made with diamond  and sticks. In this MOD, we have a tremendous continuous attack speed of attacking interval 5 tick. Because there is no knockback, the opponent who jumps is a bit weak. In addition, there is a disadvantage that very satiety is reduced easily thanks to this attack speed.

・ダマスカス鋼のレイピア(Damascus Steel Rapier)

Attack Damage+8。Made with damascus steel ingot  and sticks.

・鉄のグレートソード(Iron Great Sword)
Attack Damage+11。It is a large sword that can be guarded. You can craft with iron ingot and stick. There is no restriction that you have to do both hands, but this guard will take precedence even if you equip a shield. If you attack while sneaking, it will always be a sweep attack.

・金のグレートソード(Golden Great Sword)
Attack Damage+10。You can craft with gold ingot and stick.

・ダイヤのグレートソード(Diamond Great Sword)
Attack Damage+14。You can craft with diamond and stick.

Attack Damage+26。You can craft with damascus steel ingot and stick. The color is reminiscent of Japanese manga "Berserk".


Attack Damage+4。You can craft with wood and stick. Since knockback is strengthened a little, continuous attacks are hard to decide, but give a short time moving speed reduction to the person you hit.

・石の棍棒(Stone Club)

Attack Damage+5。You can craft with cobblestone and stick.

・鉄のメイス(Iron Mace)

Attack Damage+6。You can craft with iron ingot and stick.

・金のメイス(Golden Mace)

Attack Damage+5。You can craft with gold ingot and stick.  Give a short-time moving speed reduction and weakening to the beating person.

・ダイヤのメイス(Diamond Mace)

Attack Damage+7。You can craft withdiamond and stick.

・ダマスカス鋼のメイス(Damascus Steel Mace)

Attack Damage+23。You can craft with damascus steel ingot and stick.

・鉄の槍(Iron Spear)

Attack Damage+6。You can craft with iron ingot and stick. Right click Press and hold for a long time to release the durability value more than usual, enabling a high-impact special attack "charge attack" that pierces the mob with a long reach. Knockback is weak, so it takes time to charge (※ bow degree), so continuous use is difficult. If you leave before charging, it will be canceled.

・金の槍(Golden Spear)

Attack Damage+5。You can craft with gold ingot and stick.

・ダイヤの槍(Diamond Spear)

Attack Damage+8。You can craft with diamond and stick.

・ダマスカス鋼の槍(Damascus Steel Spear)

Attack Damage+23。You can craft with damascus steel ingot and stick.

・鉄のウォーハンマー(Iron War Hammer)

Attack Damage+16。You can craft with iron ingot and stick. Right click Press and hold and release, you can use the power ambient range attack "Power Stomp" around yourself. A power stomp with a range large and topographically destroyed by the charge of twice as much time as the bow with a small power stomp with a charge of about a bow can be used, but durability value and satiety are reduced accordingly.

・金のウォーハンマー(Golden War Hammer)

Attack Damage+14。You can craft with gold ingot and stick.Golden warhammer has a powerful power stomp but it will break soon. Speaking of Golden Hammer, it is a wrecking crew of the Nintendo Entertainment System. But the sky does not fly.

・ダイヤのウォーハンマー(Diamond War Hammer)

Attack Damage+21。You can craft with diamond and stick.


Attack Damage+35。You can craft with damascus steel ingot and stick.

・鉄のハルバード(Iron Halberd)

Attack Damage+15。Everybody loves halberd. Can be crafted with iron ingots and bars. Normal attacks will also be of great use when always surrounded by sweep attacks. Be careful not to let the domestic animals be defeated carelessly. Spear "Charge Attack" is available for right click long press. Halvard's charge attack is more powerful than spears.

・金のハルバード(Golden Halberd)

Attack Damage+13。You can craft with gold ingot and stick.

・ダイヤのハルバード(Diamond Halberd)

Attack Damage+19。You can craft with diamond and stick.

・ダマスカス鋼のハルバード(Damascus Steel Halberd)

Attack Damage+30。You can craft with damascus steel ingot and stick.

I summarized the list of melee weapons. For your information.

・ライトクロスボウ(Light Crossbow)

You can shoot by reloading. Only crossbow bolts can be used. Do not shoot not to reload. Precision shooting is also possible if you aim, but the collection rate varies according to the aiming time. Shooting immediately will not hit it. When aiming time is steady, particles are generated when shooting. Range is longer towards the bow.

・クロスボウボルト(Crossbow Blot)

Attack Damage 10。You can use it with light crossbow and heavy crossbow. You can pick up bolts that did not hit. To load it you need to have it off hand.

・リピーターボウ(Repeater Bow)

It is a continuous crossbow that existed but did not spread. Pull the string by sliding the magazine. Structurally, precision shooting is impossible, but in full auto it is possible to fire up to 8 shots. Shooting can not be done if there is no spare magazine. Reloading will be automatically reloaded if you have it in your hand. It is for medium range because the range is short. By the way, you can rapid-fire in the right-click barrage.

・リピーターマガジン(Repeater Magazine)

Attack Damage 6+α。It is a magazine exclusively for repeater bow. If not hit, you can collect the crossbow arrows above. Loading number 8. It is an automatic reload, but you need to have it off hand.

・ヘビークロスボウ(Heavy Crossbow)

Attack Damage: By bullet type. It is a large crossbow. Reload time is long, and it is necessary to always take distance to fight alone. Abundance firepower will not be a problem if it is about vanilla. In addition to the crossbow bolt, the following various special bullets can be used.

・アーマーピアシングボルト(Armor Piercing Bolt)

Attack Damage 15。Mob and have the force to penetrate the wall. It is a special bullet of heavy crossbow. To load it you need to have it off hand.


Attack Damage 20+Blast damage。A fire is generated at the landing point. There is no topographical destruction. To load it you need to have it off hand.

・ブラストボルト(Blast Bolt)

Attack Damage 10+Blast damage。Attacks to enemy mobs and landing points, and explodes after 3 seconds. There is no topographical destruction. To load it you need to have it off hand.

・エクスプロージョンボルト(Explosion bolt)

Attack Damage 30+Blast damage。It generates a powerful explosion upon landing. As it involves topographical destruction, attention is required for use. To load it you need to have it off hand.

・ショットボルト(Shot Bolt)

Attack Damage 3。It is a special bullet that fires 10 shots simultaneously. It diffuses and fires. To exert a strong power in the near opponent. Bullets can not be collected. To load it you need to have it off hand.

・フラックボルト(Flak Bolt)
It is an explosion arrow using a proximity fuse. It will explode in response to mob within 2 radius blocks. Attention is necessary because the explosion range is more than double the sensing range. There is instant death level power when there is no armor. There is no topographical destruction. To load it you need to have it off hand.

・ライトニングボルト(Lightning Bolt)
Attack Damage 20+Lightning bolt damage。While set fire in the vicinity of the mob and terrain, it is a special arrow to a lightning strike to the landing point. Thunder is because it is emitted from the arrow, it is also valid in the underground. Note that a large fire and shoot in the forest! XD  To load it you need to have it off hand.
射線近くのmobや地形に火を放ちながら着弾地点に落雷させる特殊矢です。雷は矢から放たれるため、地下でも有効です。森林で放つと大火災間違いなし(゚∀゚)! 装填する場合はオフハンドで持つ必要があります。

・ジャベリンボルト(Javelin Bolt)
Attack Damage 15。Because it intensely knocks back and stabs, it makes the other person temporarily unable to move. The recipe is special, it is a form to add to the crossbow bolt.

・強化型ジャベリンボルト(Powered Javelin Bolt)
Attack Damage 15+Blast damage。Because it intensely knocks back and stabs, it makes the other person temporarily unable to move. Moreover, it explodes. The mood is DeadSpace2! Recipe is special, it is in the form to add to the crossbow bolt.

・クランクリピーターボウ(Crank Repeater Bow)

Attack Damage 4。It is a crossbow which is capable of full automatic at a higher speed than the repeater bow. It is exactly a shooting weapon reminiscent of Japanese manga "Berserk". Bullets can not be collected. This is also an auto reload. It can not be used if there is no spare magazine here.

・クランクリピーターマガジン(Crank Repeater Mg)

It is crank repeater Bow-only magazine. Automatically reload by having to offhand.

It is a muzzle-loaded, smoothbore firearm. Although the reload is the longest shooting weapon, it fires bullets at high speed. The shooting precision changes according to the aiming time. It does not hit when shooting immediately after reloading.

It is a musket-only bullet that can be crafted with iron nugget and gunpowder. Unlike cross bow, reloading is possible just by putting it in inventory.

It is a muzzle-loaded shotgun. At the same time 8 shots are fired. Because it diffuses, accuracy of hit is difficult, but close range fire power is powerful.

・ショットシェル(Shot Shell)
It is a bullet dedicated to Blunderbuss. Can be crafted with gravel and gunpowder. Unlike a crossbow, you can reload by putting it in inventory.

レア武器について(About rare weapons)

・ストロング棍棒(Strong Club)
It has a strong knock back.

・Hなクラブ(Homerun Club)

・アッパークラブ(Upper Club)

・探検家の剣(Explorer's Sword)
It is a weapon inspired by a certain game of PC engine(TurboGrafx-16). You can throw as far as the endurance value.

・祝福の剣(Blessed Sword)
It will be given the regeneration in accordance with the time and release by right-clicking.

・ファランクスグラディウス(Phalanx Gradius)
Knock back tolerance is given like heavy infantry.

・クリスナイフ(Kris Knife)
It is a magic dagger that attacks even those who have it. Give Wither to your opponent, give hunger here. You can also fire magic bullets with right click.

・ダガーオブルナダイヤル(Dagger of Luna Dial)
The power of throwing will have the characteristics that vary by time and phase of the moon. The number of dagger thrown will change depending on the time of reservation right click (* maximum 10, consumption of satiety). Is it a lost item of a maid ...?

・ヴァルキリージャベリン(Valkyrie Javelin)
It is the spear of the Valkyrie. Throwing has a homing performance. Explode if you fly for a certain time. There is no topographical destruction.


●山賊・盗賊(Bandits / Thieves)

Mob added because it is supposed to be a person living in the world of Minecraft besides the village. Basically anywhere you go on the ground is a mob spawn.


RPG's classic monster. Sometimes with a bow. Because the speed of movement is fast, it may be hard to fight

ホブゴブリン(Hob Goblin)

Goblin higher species. In particular features None. Sometimes spawn in the daytime.


This is also a classic monster of RPG. Drop raw meat when you kill! :-D

リザードマン(Lizard Man)

It is a hostile mob that mainly inhabit the swamp.

エイプマン(Ape Man)

It mainly appears in the jungle. Not a cheetahman's boss.


It is difficult to fight in the early stages.


It is a powerful mob to spawn on mountains and hills. It has a strength of about not win first, without decent equipment. The troll of TRPG is strong.


The higher species of zombie. Doors can also be destroyed. It has a poison and nausea

ピンクハンドローパー(Pink-Hand Roper)

It is like a game with naming but there is no energy drain. Instead, with the hungry. It is hard because of the positioned as a plant monster.

ホワイトハンドローパー(White-Hand Roper)

Top class of pink hand ropers. It is hard. Have wither. Drop the seeds Kill. Occasionally dropping the Nether Wart. Although it is hard, there is little return

ブルーハンドローパー(Blue-Hand Roper)

Top class of pink hand ropers. The troublesome mob who has poison.

ウッドマン(Wood Man)

It is a tree monster. Drop tree seedlings

エンダーハンガー(Ender Hunger)

This is a very troublesome mob. Just approaching gives blindness and hunger. If you encounter during the battle with the other mob will be in trouble.

レッドエンダーマン(Red Ender Man)

Do you want gunpowder? Then you ought to beat this mob. I will never take a block, but I will spark a fireball while warping.
火薬が欲しい? それならこのmobを倒すべきでしょう。ブロックを持ち去ることはありませんが、ワープしながら火の玉を吐きます。

ダートゴーレム(Dart Golem)

It is a golem made of dart.

ミュータントマッシュルーム(Mutant Mushroom)

It is a mutant of mushrooms. Have poison.

ミュータントツリー(Mutant Tree)

It is a mutant of tree. Have poison.

スケルトンウォリアー(Skeleton Warrior)

A monster also called a soldier of a dragon's tooth. The detection range is narrow, but it has high attack power.

ゴーストアーマー(Ghost Armor)

It is a monster that moves only with the grudge that remains in the armor. It is also possible to destroy the door. Personally favorite.

ケイブストーカー(Cave Stalker)

It is a mob that spawn underground.

牛頭・馬頭(Gozu / Mezu)

Although it is a mob that only appears in Nether, it is considerably stronger. Both with a long reach, Gozu is high in attack power and HP. Mezu I think that makes us a hard time because the fast feet.

ストーンワーム(Stone worm)

It is a mob that spawns underground.

キラーリザード(Killer Lizard)

Small and fast moving. The early stage where the equipment is not in place should be made difficult. Moreover, it is a troublesome existence hunting the surrounding mob.

ラヴァワーム(Lava worm)

It is a mob that appears in Nether. Although it has low attack power, it has a flame-up effect.


It is a mob simulating a stone. It has a hardness of appearance as expected.

パンプキンスパイダー(Pumpkin spider)

It is a spider in the head of a pumpkin. I mistake it as ordinary pumpkin even I made it. :D

It is a friend mob that spawns by throwing a Contract Documents. As Iron Golems circulate around, protect the village. Do not despawn.


Download here. I'm happy if there reported problems.


It does not matter is such as remodeling, but the secondary distribution, please refrain.

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